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Exploring Types of LED Lights

Exploring Types of LED Lights

Review the different types of LED lights such as bulbs, spotlights, strip lights, commercial fixtures, and more! Explore the variety of LED lights than can be used in residential and commercial spaces that ensure energy-efficiency and savings while accommodating modern style and functionality.

LED lighting technology has significantly evolved, and with it, a broad spectrum of options has emerged to cater to virtually any lighting need in your home or business. In this article, we’ll take a look at the types of LED lights available in the market and how they can add functionality, ambiance, and energy efficiency to your spaces.


Understanding the Different Types of LED Lights

From the simplicity of a standard bulb to the sophistication of smart lighting systems, LED light bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and luminosities. Knowing the options available is essential when planning to upgrade your lighting or when undertaking a new design project. 

Types of LED Light Bulbs and Spotlights

LED light bulbs have come a long way since their inception. Not only do they consume less energy, but they also offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Here’s a look as some common types of LED light bulbs.

  • A-Line Bulbs (A15, A19, A20, A21) – The most common type of LED bulb. They have a standard bulb shape and are used for general lighting in a wide range of applications, including lamps, ceiling fixtures, and pendant lights. 
  • Reflectors (R20, R30, R40) Reflector bulbs are characterized by their reflective interior coating, which helps direct and focus light in a specific direction. They're commonly used in recessed fixtures and track lighting, these bulbs are designed to cast a wide, directional light.
  • Spotlight Bulbs (PAR20, PAR30, PAR38) - Spotlight bulbs are designed to provide focused illumination on specific areas or objects and are commonly used for accent lighting, highlighting artwork, architectural features, or retail displays. They range from smaller and narrower to wider beam angles for larger spaces.
  • MR16 Bulbs (MR, GU) - MR16 bulbs are compact and are often used in track lighting, landscape lighting, and display lighting. They offer directional lighting with a narrow beam angle, making them ideal for spotlighting and accentuating specific objects or areas. GU10 bulbs have a twist-and-lock base and are commonly used in track lighting, recessed fixtures, and under-cabinet lighting. They offer focused and directional illumination, making them ideal for spotlighting and accent lighting. Common base types for low-voltage systems are GX5.3 or GZ4 and for 120-volt systems, bi-pin GU10.
  • Tube Lights (T5, T8, T12) – Energy-efficient replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes, providing bright, flicker-free illumination. They're ideal for office spaces, garages, retail, and industrial settings.
  • Globe Bulbs (G25, G30, G40)Known for their spherical shape and offering soft and diffused illumination in various sizes and filament styles, globe bulbs are ideal for warm, ambient, decorative lighting or in pendant fixtures.
  • Candle Bulbs (B10, B11, E12) Designed to replicate the shape of a candle flame, these LED bulbs, available in multiple sizes and filament designs, are popular choices for decorative fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and candelabra lamps.

Specialty Lighting

Beyond the standard bulbs, there are different types of LED lights that serve specific applications:

  • Strip Lights & Tape Lights - Offering a sleek design, LED strip lights are versatile, customizable, and available in all sorts of colors and color temperatures. They're ideal for under cabinet lighting, backlighting, or highlighting architectural features in contemporary spaces. LED tape lights offer the same features, but come with an adhesive backing for easier and effective mounting.

  • Smart LED Lights – Available in both bulbs and strips, these smart LEDs can connect to your home network, allowing you to control lighting remotely, change colors, and even synchronize lights with music. They offer dynamic color options and zone control as well as energy monitoring features.

  • Outdoor LEDs – Flood lights, ground lights, or outdoor fixtures are designed to withstand the elements. Outdoor rated lights provide durable illumination are perfect for security, landscape, pathway, or patio lighting. Due to their robust build, they offer a low-maintenance solution for exterior environments.

  • Commercial Panels & Troffers - As lighting solutions designed for industrial settings, they offer uniform, glare-free, energy-efficient illumination in slim housing. LED panels & troffers are an ideal alternative to traditional fixtures and can improve work area visibility and maintenance costs for commercial spaces.

  • Advantages of LED Lighting

    LED lights bring a multitude of benefits: 

    • Energy Efficiency – LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, reducing utility costs.
    • Longevity – LED lights can last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.
    • Versatility – Available in various color temperatures, LEDs can create any mood from warm, cozy lights to cool, invigorating hues.
    • Instant On – Unlike some energy saving bulbs, LEDs light up to full brightness instantly.
    • Dimmability – Many types of LED lights bulbs are dimmable for flexible lighting options.

    How to Choose the Right Type of LED Light

    Choosing the right type of LED light depends on the intended use. Consider the following when making your decision: 

    • Brightness – Check the lumens, not the watts, to determine the brightness levels you need.
    • Temperature – Decide if you need a warm light for a cozy atmosphere or a cool light for task oriented areas.
    • Purpose – Identify if you need directional lighting, ambient lighting, or task lighting.
    • Compatibility – Ensure that the LEDs are compatible with your fixtures, system voltage, and any dimmer switches you may have.  

    Incorporating LED Lights into Your Space

    Whether you’re fitting out a new space or upgrading an existing one, LED lights offer a sleek, modern touch than can breathe new life into any room. Consider incorporating layered lighting in living areas by mixing ceiling fixtures with strip lighting for accent and mood. In workspaces, you can choose bright focused lights to increase productivity and reduce eye strain.


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