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At Lumilum we are passionate about providing lifestyle enhancing, energy efficient LED lighting. We offer a prime selection of residential and commercial lighting products that will provide the results that you expect for years to come, at a price you can afford. 

We meticulously search the LED component markets for the highest-quality parts for our line of products. We are committed to using only top-quality LED chips that generate the highest possible output of lumens per watt; for the electronic components such as power drivers and adapters we offer only those that have UL and other certifications and that have been extensively and thoroughly tested in our lab to guarantee a stable light output and very long lifespan. After all, it is the power supply that is at the heart of a quality light experience and long lasting LED fixture.

Providing you with proven products is just one part of our business. The other part is providing you with the best understanding of the product before you acquire it, as our motto states "LED made simple"; product videos and pictures of completed installations by you and others are an intricate part of the Lumilum experience. Be part of it! Post pictures of your projects and leave feedback on our Facebook page

Above all else, Lumilum is dedicated to quality customer service. 


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