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Outdoor LED Flood Lights 10W | 20W | 30W | 50W

Outdoor LED Flood Lights


These small outdoor LED flood lights are constructed of pure aluminum and stainless steel and can be used as an energy-efficient replacement for metal halide or halogen fixtures for outdoor landscaping.



Lumilum small outdoor LED floodlights offer an excellent cost/value proposition in today’s energy and lighting-design-conscious environment. The outdoor/indoor LED flood lights in this series are an efficient replacement option for fixtures that use metal halide and halogen bulbs, at a cost that pays for itself over a relatively short period of time.

The outdoor LED flood lights are made out of die-cast aluminum, powder painted in standard black (other color options) with a lens made of clear heat and impact-resistant tempered glass. The series is rated for wet locations (fixture & driver) and is offered with a yoke mounting bracket (all models come with a mounting bracket connector ready 1/2” hole that perfectly fits a strain relief with lock nut). 10W / 20W / 30W / 50W lamp wattage alternatives provide maximum flexibility in application.

Available In: 

3000K / 5500K / RGB Color Changing


LED Floodlight Highlights:

    • UL Listed
      • 120V - 277V Universal Voltage
        • IP65 Rated for Outdoor Wet Location Use

          • COB LED Technology

            • Made of impact-resistant tempered glass
              • Specification Sheet - Small Outdoor LED Flood Lights

                      Applications for Outdoor LED Flood Lights:


                      Wall Wash Lighting | Landscape Lighting | Stage Lighting | Tree & Shrub Illumination | Mood & Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Garden Lighting | Loading Docks | Column Lighting | Outdoor LED Lighting | Event Lighting | Sign Lighting | Walkway Lighting | Patio & Yard Lighting

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