This page consolidates all Cut-Sheets, Product Instruction Manuals, and Installation Diagrams for the complete line of Lumilum LED lighting products. The section towards the lower part of the page, is for our authorized or prospective resellers.

* Please note that some of these products may not be available for retail purchase our website but are available from our authorized LED resellers.

Cut-Sheets, Manuals, and Installation Diagrams:

  • Standard (120505) Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights

120V LED Strip Light - Single Color Spools & Accessories (LUM-120505)
J-Rex - Original Hardwired Rectifier J-Box (LUM-120505-JB)
J-Rex - Compact Hardwired LED Rectifier Junction Box (120505-CJB)
Strobonix - Step Down Transformer/Stroboscopic (Flicker) Effect Mitigation Driver (LUM-120505-SNIX)
  • HLO Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights (High Lumen LED Strip)

Ultra High Lumen Output LED Strip Light - Single Color (LUM-120HLO)

  • EE Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights (Energy Efficient/Low Energy Consumption LED Strip)

Low Energy Consumption 120V LED Strip Lights - Single Color (LUM-120EES)

  • B34XTS Series - 120V RGB LED Strip Lights:

B34XTS Series - 120V RGB LED Strip Light (LUM-B34XT)
B34XTS Series DMX Decoder IP20 Rated - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-DMX1)
B34XTS Series DMX Decoder IP65 Rated - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-DMX2)
B34XTS Series RF to DMX Module - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-RF2 - Discontinued Item)
B34XTS Series Handheld Remote for RF to DMX Module - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT HRT - Discontinued Item)
B34XTS Series RGB Touch Panel (Wall Mounted DMX Control Panel) - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-RGBUX8)
RGB Wi-Fi- Module (Works with Wall Mounted DMX Control Panel) (LUM-RGBUX8-WF)
  • NEON Series - 120V Flexible NEON LED Strip Lights (Dot Free LED Strip)

NEON-LED Series -120V Single Color & RGB - Standard & Petite Size (LUM-120NEO & LUM-M10NEO)

  • IP20 Pro Series - 24V LED Light Strips 3M Tape (SMD 2835)

IP20 Series - 24V LED Tape Light - Single Color & RGB (LUM-573120 & LUM-601206)
  • IP54 Silicone Coated Series - 24V LED Light Strips 3M Tape (SMD5050)

IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - Single Color (LUM-2430IP54)
IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - RGB (LUM-601206)
IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - RGB LightWave Pixel Control Chasing Light (LUM-601206-Wav)
  • IP67 Waterproof Silicone Series - 24V LED Light Strips 3M Tape (SMD 5050)

IP67 Series - 24V LED Waterproof Tape Light - Single Color & RGB (LUM-24505068)
  • Aluminum U Channel & LED Channel Track - Surface Mount & Recessed

    Aluminum Channels for Lumilum Strip Lights 24V & 120V

    • 24V Power Supplies - Meanwells, Magnetic & Electronic Drivers, Power Adapters

    Power Supplies (compatible with 24V LED Strip Lights & Ultra-Thin Under Cabinet LED Light Bars)

    • 24V RGB Controllers:

    Touch Series - RGB Controller - 24V - INSTALLATION DIAGRAM (LUM-RCTOSRO1-1 and LUM-RCTOSRO1-2)
    Compact RGB Controller - 24V - INSTALLATION DIAGRAM (LUM-RFCPRX53)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 1 Zone Wireless (LUM-1Z138W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 3 Zones Wireless (LUM-U1228W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 1 Zone Hardwired (LUM-1Z138W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 3 Zones Hardwired (LUM-U1228W)
    • All Other LED Lighting Product Categories:

    Ultra-Flat LED Panel Lights | CCT & Power Adjustable (LUM-UBPD14DLA)
    LED Troffer Light Series | CCT & Power Adjustable (LUM-TPD24DLA)
    Under Cabinet LED Light Bars (LUM-220LSL & LUM-212LSL)
    Small LED Bulbs - MR16 & GU10 (LUM-MR16 and LUM-GU10)
    Small LED Flood Light Series - Single Color & RGB 10-50W (LUM-FLD
    Large LED Flood Light 150W (LUM-1FLD50)
    Large LED Flood Light 200W (LUM-2FPK01)
    Wall Packs - 50 & 80 Watts (LUM-5WMG01 and LUM-8WMG01)
    LED Retrofit Kits (LUM-RKT240 and LUM-RKT400)
    T8 Tubes LED (LUM-T818W)
    Area Light 50W (LUM-WPK01)


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