This page consolidates all Cut-Sheets, Product Instruction Manuals, and Installation Diagrams for the complete line of Lumilum LED lighting products. The section on the lower part of the page, is for authorized or prospective resellers.

* Please note that some of these products may not be available for retail purchase our website but are available from our authorized LED resellers.

Cut-Sheets, Manuals, and Installation Diagrams:

  • Standard (120505) Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights

120V LED Strip Lights - Single Color Spools & Accessories (LUM-120505)
J-Rex - Original Hardwired Rectifier J-Box (LUM-120505-JB)
J-Rex - Compact Hardwired LED Rectifier Junction Box (120505-CJB)
Strobonix - Step Down Transformer/Stroboscopic (Flicker) Effect Mitigation Driver (LUM-120505-SNIX)
  • HLO Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights (High Lumen LED Strip)

Ultra High Lumen Output 120V LED Strip Lights - Single Color (LUM-120HLO)

  • EE Series - Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights (Energy Efficient/Low Energy Consumption LED Strip)

Low Energy Consumption 120V LED Strip Lights - Single Color (LUM-120EES)

  • B34XTS Series - 120V RGB LED Strip Lights:

B34XTS Series - 120V RGB LED Strip Lights (LUM-B34XT)
B34XTS Series DMX Decoder IP20 Rated - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-DMX1)
B34XTS Series DMX Decoder IP65 Rated - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-DMX2)
B34XTS Series RF to DMX Module - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-RF2 - Discontinued Item)
B34XTS Series Handheld Remote for RF to DMX Module - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT HRT - Discontinued Item)
B34XTS Series RGB Touch Panel (Wall Mounted DMX Control Panel) - PRODUCT MANUAL (LUM-B34XT-RGBUX8)
RGB Wi-Fi- Module (Works with Wall Mounted DMX Control Panel) (LUM-RGBUX8-WF)
  • NEON Series - 120V Flexible NEON LED Strip Lights (Dot Free LED Strip)

NEON-LED Series -120V Single Color & RGB - Standard & Petite Size (LUM-120NEO & LUM-M10NEO)

  • IP20 Pro Series - 24V LED Strip Lights 3M Tape (SMD 2835)

IP20 Series - 24V LED Tape Light - Single Color & RGB (LUM-573120 & LUM-601206)
  • IP54 Silicone Coated Series - 24V LED Light Strips 3M Tape (SMD5050)

IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - Single Color (LUM-2430IP54)
IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - RGB (LUM-601206)
IP54 Series - 24V LED Silicone Coated Tape Light - RGB LightWave Pixel Control Chasing Light (LUM-601206-Wav)
  • IP67 Waterproof Silicone Series - 24V LED Light Strips 3M Tape (SMD 5050)

IP67 Series - 24V LED Waterproof Tape Light - Single Color & RGB (LUM-24505068)
  • Aluminum U Channel & LED Channel Track - Surface Mount & Recessed

    Aluminum Channels for Lumilum LED Strip Lights 24V & 120V

    • 24V Power Supplies - Meanwells, Magnetic & Electronic Drivers, Power Adapters

    Power Supplies (compatible with 24V LED Strip Lights & Ultra-Thin Under Cabinet LED Light Bars)

    • 24V RGB Controllers:

    Touch Series - RGB Controller - 24V - INSTALLATION DIAGRAM (LUM-RCTOSRO1-1 and LUM-RCTOSRO1-2)
    Compact RGB Controller - 24V - INSTALLATION DIAGRAM (LUM-RFCPRX53)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 1 Zone Wireless (LUM-1Z138W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 3 Zones Wireless (LUM-U1228W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 1 Zone Hardwired (LUM-1Z138W)
    In-Wall RGB Panel 3 Zones Hardwired (LUM-U1228W)
    • All Other LED Lighting Product Categories:

    Ultra-Flat LED Panel Lights | CCT & Power Adjustable (LUM-UBPD14DLA)
    LED Troffer Light Series | CCT & Power Adjustable (LUM-TPD24DLA)
    Under Cabinet LED Light Bars (LUM-220LSL & LUM-212LSL)
    Small LED Bulbs - MR16 & GU10 (LUM-MR16 and LUM-GU10)
    Small LED Flood Light Series - Single Color & RGB 10-50W (LUM-FLD
    Large LED Flood Light 150W (LUM-1FLD50)
    Large LED Flood Light 200W (LUM-2FPK01)
    Wall Packs - 50 & 80 Watts (LUM-5WMG01 and LUM-8WMG01)
    LED Retrofit Kits (LUM-RKT240 and LUM-RKT400)
    T8 Tubes LED (LUM-T818W)
    Area Light 50W (LUM-WPK01)


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