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About Us

Our passion is creating and offering the best possible commercial and residential LED lighting solutions at a value true to our quality while supporting our customer's purchasing process in selecting the best option for their project.

At Lumilum we create, design, develop, and manufacture several product lines of LED Solutions such as: Low and High Voltage LED Strip Lighting Fixtures for commercial and residential uses, LED Flood Lights, LED Panel Lights, several models of LED Bulbs, as well as other specialty lighting products. Our Lumilum brand commercial LED strip & tape lights are preferred by architects, lighting designers, and electrical contractors because of their robust construction, durability, and high-quality color rendering ability.

With a direct manufacturer-to-reseller model, Lumilum distributes nationwide to electrical supply and lighting sectors. Resellers are serviced by knowledgeable in-house lighting consultants and can count on available inventory for large projects; orders are usually shipped same day! Lumilum LED strip lights and fixtures have been installed in thousands of locations including leading hotels, casinos, restaurant and bar chains, as well as in high-end homes, art installations, public spaces, academic centers, places of worship and large medical institutions.

We are constantly creating new and innovative products as we believe there is always room for improvement on both new and existing legacy type products. Our customers love us because Lumilum brand products have proven results over and over again.