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120V RGB LED Strip Lights | DMX Control | B34XT Series

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120V RGB LED Strip Lights

Various Sizes - DMX LED Control - Indoor/Outdoor


This RGB LED Light Strip can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop, no signal amplifiers, and creates up to 16 million color combinations.


This easy-to-install 120 Volt LED RGB Strip Light is DMX Controllable and can be used over long distances without the need for additional drivers or RGB signal amplifiers. DMX Control results in smart lighting, precise color direction, and adaptability when setting up different color zones.

This RGB LED Tape DMX Control produces bright colors that result in super vivid, bold light that will jazz up your most demanding project. This high voltage strip light is available in a variety of sizes and requires a Lumilum DMX Controller/Decoder to provide DMX Color Control and 120V DC current to the strip. Each DMX Decoder can handle up to 328ft of LED strip lights.

Lumilum DMX LED strips are the best RGB light strips to use when a long-distance strip light is required, such as in a large area cove light or commercial area. To use: place the 120V RGB Color Changing LED lighting strip in your chosen location, connect to DMX Controller, and connect the RF to DMX Module, or DMX Control Panel. For ultimate versatility, this 120V LED Strip Light is offered in multiple sizes and can be cut every 12 inches at marked locations.  

Check out our quick tutorial video for tips on how to connect and set up RGB LED Strips!

120V RGB LED Light Contents:

  • Your choice of 25ft, 50ft, or 164ft roll of RGB light strip
  • 1x connector to Lumilum DMX Controller (DMX Controller sold separately)
  • 1x factory end cap attached to the end of the RGB light strip reel

Buying Guide


  1. 120V RGB LED Strip Light (LUM-B34XTS-164ft / 50ft / 25ft)
  2. DMX Controller & Decoder (LUM-B34XTS-DMX1 or DMX2) - Note: One DMX light controller module has 2 outputs and can handle up to 328ft of strip light
  3. LED DMX Wall Controller Panel with Color Wheel (LUM-RGBUX8) 

Key Features

  • UV Protective Coating - prevents damage to the SMD 5050 LED chips and ensures that the strip remains transparent and does not become opaque over time
  • Internal wires in the strip contain copper, which helps improve product performance and lifespan
  • These SMD RGB LED Strip Lights are controllable using DMX technology
  • Our color-changing LED strip lights are offered in multiple lengths for ultimate versatility: 25ft, 50ft, and 164ft




Safety Certifications: ETL Certified

RGB LED Strip Input Voltage: 120V AC

RGB LED Chip Type: SMD5050

RGB LED Light Roll Length Options: 25 feet / 50 feet / 164 feet

RGB LED Strip Height: 0.33in / 8.4mm

RGB LED Strip Width: 0.70in / 17.78mm

LED Diodes: 24 LEDs/ft

IP Rating: IP65

Beam Angle: 120°

Power Consumption: 3.0 Watts/ft

Cutting Intervals: Cuttable every 12 inches / 1 foot

Working Temperature: -13°F to 113°F

Full Specifications: 120V RGB LED Strip Lights Spec Sheet


120V RGB LED Strip Lights can be used for any application where dynamic or static color control is needed. We often see this strip light used in projects for:

  • stage lighting
  • audio-visual engineering
  • concert lighting
  • cinemas
  • art galleries
  • festival lighting
  • bar and liquor displays
  • entertainment centers
  • commercial exterior lighting
  • arcade displays