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120V COB LED Strip - Static Colors & Whites - 164ft Roll

120V COB LED Strip - Static Whites & Colors


Our series of 120V COB LED light strips utilize chip-on-board technology, are fully dotless, driverless, dimmable, and can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop.


Discover our extraordinary collection of 120V COB LED Light Strips, where brilliance and versatility unite. This Chip-On-Board series is offered in multiple white tones and vivid colors. Our LED COB dotless strips ensure powerful brightness and remarkable color consistency with no dark spots between chips, delivering captivating, uniform illumination that will elevate any environment.

With effortless plug-in installation and compatibility with 120V systems, these COB dotless LED strip lights are the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Illuminate your spaces with confidence and trust in the excellence of our exceptional COB LED strip lights to create an ambiance that truly impresses. Unleash your creativity and experience the finest lighting transformation with our top-tier LED strips.


COB LED Strips Color Options:

    • White COB LED: Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Modern Warm White (3500K), Warm White (3000K), Ultra Warm White (2700K), Antique Warm White (2200K)
    • Single/Static Color COB LED: Red, Green, Blue, and Pink

    120V COB LED Strips Highlights:

      • ETL Listed
      • Fully dimmable
      • CRI >90 (out of 100)
      • UV protective coating
      • Versatile and cuttable every 4 inches
      • 350 lumens per linear foot of strip
      • 170 COB LED "Chip-On-Board" diodes per foot
      • Brighter and ultra-flexible in comparison to traditional strip lights
      • Our 120V LED series is dimmable with most commercially available wall-mounted dimmers (we recommend the Lutron Diva 153P model)
      • Full Specifications Sheet - 120V COB LED Spec Sheet



        • Accent lighting for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, furniture illumination
        • Bedroom LED lighting, hallways, soffit, and cove lighting
        • Task lighting or under-cabinet lighting for workspaces and kitchens
        • Backlighting for TV's, monitors, and displays
        • Outdoor lighting for patios, decks, gardens, and landscape lighting
        • Architectural lighting for buildings, bridges, and monuments
        • Retail and commercial lighting for hotels, airports, restaurants, retail signage, event lighting, product displays, stage lighting, bar displays

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