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Lumilum LEDs provide maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering possible for your lighting project; to achieve this, fixtures require the best possible LED power sources.  

LED fixtures are built with highly sensitive electronic components that are fed by electricity, which needs to be delivered very precisely to achieve a constant current at the LED chip level. In some cases, the LED power sources (driver or adapter) use constant voltage to achieve this purpose. This power supply is mainly what makes LED lighting so very different than all other lighting forms. We have selected the precise type of LED power sources for each of our models, so your decision should be based only on the location (indoor or outdoor) and the distance covered by your lighting project (when using strip lights).

All of our LED lighting power supply LED Drivers and Adapters are UL rated. Our LED light power Adapters also have a long life-expectancy (50,000 hours) and are best suited for indoors. Our adapters are "plug and play" with our fixtures - no need for wire connecting. Lumilum's Mean Well Drivers are commercial grade, waterproof rated* and can be used outdoors* or in locations with high humidity. Browse our extensive selection of LED lighting power supplies below.

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