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24V LED Light Bars & Accessories - Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

24V LED Light Bars



This kitchen under cabinet LED lighting is 24V, offered in multiple sizes (12 & 20 inch LED light bar), cUL listed, and suitable for projects where slim under cabinet lighting is needed.


Our high-quality LED Light Bars are specifically designed to enhance the functionality, ambiance, and visual appeal of your kitchen, office, or any other area where task lighting is essential. With easy installation and a wide range of customizable color options, Lumilum is your go-to provider for premium, hardwired under-cabinet lighting.

Discover the remarkable benefits of Lumilum's 24V LED under-cabinet lighting. From enhanced illumination and uniform light distribution to long-lasting durability and unmatched quality, our comprehensive lighting offers exceptional lighting solutions for your kitchen, undercounters, cabinets, or workplace area.

Enhanced Illumination – Our best-in-class ultra-thin LED Light Bars provide exceptional brightness, ensuring your kitchen countertop or workplace area is highlighted and well-lit in ways you never imagined.

Uniform Light Distribution – With a CRI>90, our stylish, low-profile, ultra-thin design LED light bar fixtures offer unmatched uniform light distribution, eliminating any dark spots and ensuring consistent, visually pleasing illumination.

Long-Lasting Durability – You can trust the long-term durability of our flat LED under-cabinet lighting products. Designed to withstand the test of time, these fixtures will continue to deliver reliable and satisfactory results for many years to come.

Versatile Application – Our 24v under-cabinet lighting is suitable for various spaces, including kitchens, offices, or any area where task lighting is essential. Enjoy the flexibility of transforming different environments with our high-quality lighting solutions.

Unmatched Quality – Lumilum's 24v LED under-cabinet strip light sets the standard for quality in the marketplace. We prioritize delivering products that meet the highest standards, ensuring your satisfaction, and providing a lighting solution you can rely on.

This ultra-thin under-cabinet LED light bar fixture, available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5500K, is modular and easy to install. Using the included mounting bracket, simply attach the required number of 12-inch or 20-inch Ultra-Thin LED Light Bars, interconnecting these with the included connectors. Once installed, connect to a power supply. Optional dimmer/on-off switch and LED connector cables (in case you need to leave a space in between bars) are also available. 

Lumilum Flat-LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures are also 100% dimmable when used with our Magnetic LED Transformers. These transformers work with low-voltage magnetic dimmers that are readily available at your local hardware store (see compatible dimmer list). If using generic dimmers, you may use either magnetic or electronic transformers as long as they are used with the proper dimmers.


12 Inch LED Light Bar Available In: 

Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K)

 20 Inch LED Light Bar Available In: 

Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K)

Each 24V LED Light Bar blister pack includes: light fixture, mounting brackets, and straight and angled connectors.

Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting Highlights:

  • cUL Rated
  • 3,300 super bright SMD5050 LED chips per roll
  • 375-400 lumens per linear foot of strip
  • Only 5 watts per 12 inch bar / 8 watts per 20 inch bar
  • Internal wires in strip contain copper for product performance and lifespan
  • This series of 120V LED Light Strips are dimmable with most commercially available wall-mounted dimmers
  • LED Light Bar Specification Sheet

Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting Uses:

LED Cabinet Lighting | Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting | Stairs | Hotels | Commercial LED Lighting | Back-lit Shelves | Restaurants | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Under Counter Lighting Decorative Lighting

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