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120V Bright LED Strip Lights | High Lumen Output | 164ft Roll

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120V Bright LED Strip Lights

High Lumen Output - Dimmable - Indoor/Outdoor


This series of High Lumen 120V Bright LED Strip Lights deliver up to 690 lumens per foot of powerful brightness, require no drivers, can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop, and are fully dimmable.


This High Lumen Output series of Super Bright LED Strips produce a light output ranging from 675-690 lumens per foot, which is 3x as powerful as our Standard 120V LED Strip Lights! Built with 3,300 high brightness SMD 2835 chips per 164ft reel, these fully dimmable, driverless, and flexible, indoor/outdoor bright LED strip lights are the optimal LED lighting solution for residential or commercial projects that require the absolute maximum light output.

*NOTE: Due to the intense light output of this high lumen LED strip light, we recommend installation areas be limited to outdoors, commercial signage/lighting, or projects where maximum lumen output is necessary. We do not recommend using this high lumen LED strip light for indoor home cove lighting or kitchen lighting unless dimmed.

Lumilum brand energy-efficient, high lumen, 120V bright LED strip lights are the best choice when long-distance, super-bright LED strips are needed - i.e. building exteriors, commercial signage, bridges. Simply place the 120V LED strip lights in the chosen location, connect the included power plug to an outlet, and voila! This commercial LED strip light is cuttable every 12 inches (1 ft) at marked locations and uses the same accessories as our standard single-color 120V LED strip lights.

Our Lumilum bright LED strip lights boast features such as SMD 2835 LED chips, a UV protective, and water-resistant build, a multitude of accessories for effective mounting, and many color temperature options. These high-lumen LED strip lights are the best alternative when a long-distance of super bright LED strips are required, such as for bridges or outdoor commercial signs. Simply place the LED strip lights in your chosen location, connect the included plug to a power outlet, and enjoy! This 120V LED Strip Light can be cut every 12 inches at scissor-marked locations.

For additional guidance, watch our Lumilum 120V LED Strip Lights Tutorial!

Package contents include: 164ft roll of Lumilum Ultra Bright 120V LED Strip Light, 1 Power Plug, 1 Factory Sealed End Cap.

Key Features
  • CRI >90
  • 675-690 lumens per foot of LED strip lights
  • Cuttable every 12 inches / 1 foot at marked locations
  • 6 watts power consumption per foot
  • 120V "plug & play" right out of the box - can also be hardwired (see "J-REX" LED rectifier junction box)
  • Available Colors for High Lumen Output 120V LED Strip Lights Series: Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K)

    • MPN/SKU: LUM-120HLO-####K
    • Certifications: ETL Listed
    • LED Strip Voltage: 120V AC
    • LED Chip Type: Ultra Bright SMD 2835
    • LED Light Roll Length: 164ft / 50m
    • Strip Height: 0.32in / 8.12mm
    • Strip Width: 0.58in / 14.7mm
    • Beam Angle: 120°
    • Cut Increments: Every 12in / 1ft at marked locations
    • Power Consumption: 6 Watts/ft
    • Lumen Output: 675-690 Lumens/ft (varies by CCT)
    • IP Rating: IP65 for indoor or outdoor use
    • LED Diodes: 20 LED diodes/ft
    • Color Rendering Index: >90 (out of 100)
    • Working Temperature: -13°F to 113°F
    • Available Color Temperatures: Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4000K, Cool White 5500K
    • Full Specifications Sheet: 120V Bright LED Strip Lights Spec Sheet


    Lumilum bright LED strip lights are best used for outdoor installations where bold light needs to be seen from a distance but common applications are:
    • cove and soffit lighting
    • pathway and landscape lighting
    • exterior strip lighting for commercial locations
    • architectural lighting
    • arena lighting
    • outdoor LED lighting projects
    • wall wash lighting
    • patio lighting
    • commercial signage (back-lit signs, logos, window displays)
    • restaurant and retail lighting