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LED Lighting Project Guide

Have a space to style but aren't sure where to begin?

Whether the lighting design project is indoor or outdoor and needed for home, office, bedroom, or commercial applications, we have the lighting solutions for you!

If you know what location (wet, dry, damp, indoor, outdoor) the installation is in but are not sure which type of LED lighting to choose, check out our handy IP Rating Guide!


Kitchen + Bathroom + Bedroom Applications:

(for those who are undecided about whether to go for minimal, modern hues style or a more mood-enhancing, colorful look, our LED tape lights and dimmable LED strip lights are offered in multiple white color temperatures 2200K-5500K as well as RGB for those who like things more dynamic to use as LED lights for bedroom or kitchen under cabinet LED tape lighting)


Home Applications (Cove Lighting / Soffit Lighting / Recessed Lighting / Decorative Lighting):

(All Lumilum 120V Dimmable LED Strip Lights are IP65 rated for indoor or outdoor use)



Commercial Applications (Hotels / Bars / Retail Shops / Building Facades / Exterior Lighting):