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Neon LED Strip Lights | Single Color - Petite Size | Custom Cuts

120V Neon LED Strip Lights - Petite Size Custom Length Cuts


This series of petite size 120V Neon LED light strips are sold in sections, driverless, can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop, no dot effect, and are fully dimmable.

This easy-to-install Line Voltage, Dimmable, Driverless, 120V Flexible Neon LED Strip Light produces a dot-free, vivid light equivalent to Neon Flex that will bring any project to life. Each strip can be purchased in "ready to use" by the foot / 12 inch sections if required. With features such as: Flexible, high-transmittance PVC encasement, white UV protective coating, and plenty of accessories for quick and effective mounting, these strips are the best alternative when any distance of strip light is required - i.e. small or large area cove light.Simply place the dimmable LED strip lights in your chosen location, connect the included plug to a power outlet and enjoy! Additional Power Plugs can be purchased if more sections need to be created.

Available Colors:

Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K), Ultra Warm White (2700K), Antique Warm White (2200K), Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Amber (Turtle Friendly)


Neon LED Strip Light Highlights:

  • 90 lumens per linear foot of strip
  • UV protective coating and internal copper wiring for performance and lifespan
  • High CRI >80
  • PVC Encasement acts as a diffuser, ensuring no dot-effect/no visible LED chips
  • Dimmable with most commercially available wall-mounted dimmers
  • No drivers, long run installations made easy, great value per foot

              Neon LED Strip Lighting Uses:

              Cove Lighting | Landscape Lighting | Stairs | Product Displays | Restaurants | Back-lit Signs | Kitchen Lighting | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Furniture Illumination | Home Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Hotels | Ceiling Lighting | Soffit Lighting | Outdoor LED Lighting

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