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Small LED Light Bulb Collection (MR16 and GU10)

Small LED Light Bulbs


Lighting for Every Occasion

At Lumilum, we proudly offer the industry's most vast, high-quality, energy-efficient lighting options. We have many lighting options, each of them perfectly curated and designed to be used both for commercial and residential applications. There are many benefits to choosing Lumilum for your next lighting project, including same-day national shipping, long-lasting lighting, and many designs, colors, and styles.

Our team at Lumilum has many specialties, but some are very popular and timeless. Some of these are our 24V LED tape lights, 120V LED strip lights, and our small LED bulbs. Our small LED bulbs might be the most versatile lighting option of all. Their small design and bright output can be used virtually anywhere. No matter your project, Lumilum can guide you to the best lighting option.

LED Light Small Bulb Collection (MR16 & GU10)

At Lumilum, we constantly strive to provide you with the best lighting options. One of our main lighting solutions is our small LED bulb series. With full dimmable power and incredible other benefits, this is one of the best lighting options for your next project. They only consume 7 watts of power and directly replace your 50-watt halogen bulb. We offer MR16 bulbs and GU10 bulbs. The MR16 small LED light bulb model is a 12V LED light bulb, while the GU10 small LED light bulb model is a 120V LED light bulb. Both models generate around 600 lumens of bright, crisp light. The light that these bulbs produce is better than any other light bulb this size. Our CRI (Color Rendering Index) is >80. In addition to the incredible power and efficiency of our small LED light bulb collection, we also offer customization. Our MR16 light bulb model is available in many other single-color alternatives and different white color temperatures.

Available Color Temperatures

When choosing the right lighting for you, you must decide what color temperature you’re looking for. At Lumilum, we offer a wide range of color temperatures so that you can have that perfect warm lighting for your reading nook and a bright, crisp light for your kitchen. We offer the following color temperatures:

  • Cool White (5500K)
  • Natural White (4000K)
  • Warm White (3000K)
  • Ultra Warm White (2700K)

Small LED Light Bulb Highlights

Some of the most important things to understand about our small LED light bulb collection is the incredible versatility that these provide. To learn more about this lighting, check out the detailed MR16 & GU10 Small LED Bulbs specification sheet.

Some other highlights about our small LED light bulbs are:

  • 7-watt bulbs
  • High CRI >80
  • 550-590 lumens
  • ETL listed for safety
  • COB LED technology
  • 40-degree beam angle
  • Compatible with most fixtures, including 3-inch and 4-inch trims
  • Constructed of polished aluminum with a clear polycarbonate lens

LED Dimmable Light Bulb Applications

While there are many applications, the most common applications for our small LED light bulbs are as follows:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cove Lighting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Window Trims
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting
  • LED Headlight Bulbs
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • Home Accent Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Bedroom LED Lighting

Contact Us

Contact our team today for more information on our LED small light bulbs, or check out our gallery of customer designs for inspiration. We also have vast resources for your convenience. We are excited to help you find the right lighting for your next project.

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