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Do LED Light Bulbs Last Longer Than Traditional Lighting?

Our experts offer insights into how LED lights offer superior longevity when compared to traditional lighting. Read here to see how Lumilum discusses the advantages offered by LED lighting!

Making the switch to LED light bulbs isn’t just a bright idea - it’s a long-term investment in your lighting future. Known for their longevity, LED bulbs outshine traditional bulbs with an average lifespan of up to a whopping 50,000 hours. This increased lifespan showcases the worthwhile nature of transitioning to this energy-efficient light source.


LED Light Bulbs – A Comparative Look at Lifespan

LED light bulbs have an incredible lifespan, especially when compared with that of other lighting technologies:

  • Incandescent bulbs – If you’re lucky, they’ll last you about 1000 hours
  • Halogen lights - These are better, but can only last for around 2000 hours 
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) – These do better than the others, but still only last up to 15,000 hours

While LED technology initially requires a much higher upfront cost, the rapid adoption of LEDs has seen their prices drop, aligning them more closely with the cost of traditional bulbs. This price drop, combined with their lower energy usage and less frequent need for replacement, make LED light bulbs a wise choice for both your wallet and the planet.


Average Lifespan

The term “average rated life” of an LED might make you think that these bulbs are going to grow increasingly dim over the years until they finally flame out completely, but that’s not the case. The average rated life metric is derived from observations of when a group of bulbs begins to experience failure, with at least half expected to surpass that number. While its true that not all LED bulbs will reach the upper end of their expected lifespan, the durability of these bulbs is so strong that the manufacturers will sometimes provide a replacement guarantee for those that don’t make it to the advertised amount of hours.


Daily Usage and LED Lifespan

Of course, how long a light bulb lasts depends in large part on how it’s used. To put that into perspective, consider these usage examples for an average LED light bulb:

  • 4 hours per day – Expect your bulb to last approximately 17.1 years
  • 7 hours per day – The bulb should work for around 9.7 years
  • 12 hours per day – Even if you use a bulb for 12 hours per day, which would be unusual for home use, it will still last 5 or more years


Factors Other Than Usage That Can Affect LED Lifespan

Certain conditions can impact the length of time your LED bulbs will last:

  • Surrounding Temperature – Excessive heat can reduce an LED’s lifespan
  • Electrical Stress – Operating light bulbs or any LEDs on currents higher than required can also decrease their life
  • Internal Components – LEDs with constant current drivers many have longer lifespans
  • Heat Dissipation – Bulbs equipped with well-designed heat sinks are better at maintaining their longevity


Ultimately, the question isn’t just whether LED bulbs last longer - they do - but you need to consider how much value they can add over their lifetime. With superior longevity, reduced energy consumption and greater cost savings, LEDs are the right choice for homes, businesses, or retail establishments 


What’s Next?

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