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120V RGB LED Strip Lights Collection - DMX LED Lights & Accessories

120V RGB LED Strip Lights

This series of RGB Light Strips can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop, no signal amplifiers, and can create up to 16 million color combinations.

Our easy-to-install color changing RGB, dimmable, 120 Volt LED Strip Light produces vibrant, contemporary light that will bring life to your most demanding project. Each reel of LED rope light is IP65 wet location rated and 25-164 feet long and is cuttable / can be cut every 12 inches (1ft) at marked locations. These 120V RGB LED lights are the ideal DMX controlled LED tape light strip option when long distances and color-changing LED functionality is required - i.e. large commercial area or cove light. To use: place the RGB 120V LED strip light in your chosen location, connect to the Lumilum DMX Controller and Color Wheel DMX Controller Panel.

DMX LED Light Strip Highlights:

  • UV Protective Coating - prevents damage to the SMD 5050 LED chips and ensures that the strip remains transparent and does not become opaque over time
  • Internal wires in strip contain copper, which helps improve product performance and lifespan
  • These SMD RGB LED Strip Lights are controllable using DMX technology

              120V RGB LED Strip Light Applications:

              Cove Lighting | Recessed Lighting Effects | Landscape Lighting | Stairways | Building Outline | Architectural Lighting | Back-Lit Signs | Home Accent Lighting | Entertainment Centers | Bars & Liquor Displays | Art Displays & Sculptures

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