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24V COB LED Strip - Solderless Connectors - LED Accessories

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Solderless Connectors for 24V COB LED Strip

Multiple Styles - Easy To Use - Solderless Solution

These LED strip connectors aid in joining 24V COB LED light strips in either end-to-end or end-to-wire connections and require no soldering.



    Working on a lighting project that requires splicing and joining COB LED strip lights but don't want to go through the trouble of soldering?

    Our Lumilum LED strip light connectors are a user friendly, solderless solution offered in multiple styles that can be used in order to:

    - Join 24V COB LED strips together to make a longer length or unite a cut piece (end-to-end connection - LUM-COB8BB-E2E)

    - Connect strip leads to power (end-to-wire connection - LUM-COB8BX-E2P)

    - Run a short gap of 6.5 inches between your LED strip lights or run connections around corners (end-to-end with wire - LUM-COB8BX-CBC)

    Package Contents:

    - 1x COB LED Strip Solderless Connector of your choice

    Please note that these solderless connectors are sold by the unit and are series-specific, suitable ONLY FOR 24V COB LED STRIP LIGHTS SERIES

      How to Use


      When using end-to-end or end-to-end with wire solderless connectors, you must separate the 3M tape backing from the COB LED strip at the copper connection points where the strip ends or has been cut. Insert an end of the LED strip lights as far as possible into each side of the connector where you will see the copper connection points align with the silver "teeth" of the clip. Once both sides have strips in them, use long-nosed pliers (or a similar tool) to gently clamp down the raised silver tabs of the clip where you will then hear and feel the clip teeth push through the strip.

      When using end-to-power style solderless connectors, follow the same instructions as above. Separate the 3M tape backing from 24V LED lights at the copper connector points where the strip ends or has been cut. Insert the LED strip light end into the clip side and align the copper connection points with the teeth of the clip. Clamp down the raised silver tabs until you hear a snap and that will secure the connection.

      *NOTE: These solderless connectors are meant for one-time use so when setting your connections, be sure to have both strips properly fitted into the clips before clamping down as the mechanism is not able to be reversed.

      COB LED Series Specifications Sheet


      24V COB LED Strip Light Spec Sheet