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LED Strip Lights: Understanding CCT, CRI, and Lumens

Color Temperature, Lumens, and CRI are three distinct factors that collectively influence how we perceive and experience lighting. Color temperature sets the tone and mood, lumens determine the brightness, and CRI ensures accurate color representation. Understanding and balancing these factors al...
LED Strip Light Channels: A Must-Have or Nice-to-Have?

LED Strip Light Channels: A Must-Have or Nice-to-Have?

Read about the benefits and practicality of LED channels in our latest article. Explore whether LED channels are essential for your lighting projects or simply a convenient but optional addition. Make an informed decision for your lighting solutions today!
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How to Create Flexible Spaces with Clever Lighting

Since the pandemic, many people have experienced the merging of their home and work areas, now making what was once just a living area, feel small. Our LED lighting experts share tips on ways to create adaptable and visibly larger spaces in your home with clever and simple lighting tricks. Read m...
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Power Down: Avoid Surging Energy Bills While Working From Home

Thanks to the bummer-of-the-year, COVID-19, many of us are working from home or will soon be going back to the office. Read more on how to avoid surging energy bills while stationed from home featuring helpful tips like organizing your workspace for productivity, how to save on your heating and ...
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Simple Home Lighting Tips for Ultimate Wellness

Due to an increase in remote working, creating a healthy home environment has never been so important! Click through for tips on organizing your home space, how to choose appropriate lighting for your health and well being, making sustainable LED lighting choices, and even how to cope with Season...