Line Voltage LED Tape Light. UL/ETL Rated. Dimmable
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120V LED Strip Light Installations Made Simple!

120V Line Voltage LED Strip Light - 165 ft Linear - No Driver Required - Dimmable

No Voltage Drop. Crisp Super-Bright LED Strip Light. Great Value $/ft. 

LED Light Roll Available in: Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (2200K | 2700K | 3000K), Red, Green, and Blue 
Ships from the USA.
Also available in ready to use sections (Cool White, Natural White and Warm White).


This flexible and easy to install 120V High Voltage LED Strip Lights produces a vivid, modern-looking light that will bring life to your most demanding project. Each roll of 120 Volt LED lights is 165 Ft long and does not require a driver. With features such as: SMD5050 LED chips, protective/water-resistant sleeve and optional mounting brackets for quick and effective mounting, these strips are the best alternative when a long distance of super bright LED strip light is required, such as in a large area cove light. Simply place the high voltage LED strip in your chosen location, connect the included plug to a power outlet and enjoy! These super bright 120 Volt LED Lights can be cut every 12 inches at marked locations. 


Many Strip Light Accessories Available!


High Voltage LED Strip Highlights:

  • 3,300 Superbright SMD5050 LED Chips per Roll - 20 LED Chips per Foot.
  • 375-400 Lumens per Linear Ft of Strip (20-22 Lumen generation capacity per LED chip).
  • UV Protective Coating. Prevents damage to LED Chip and ensures that the cover remains transparent and does not become opaque over time.
  • Internal wires in strip contain copper, improving product performance and lifespan.
  • These 120 Volt roll of LED Lights are dimmable with most commercially available wall mounted dimmers.
Included with 120V LED Light Roll:
  • 165 ft. of Lumilum 120V LED Strip Light
  • Power Plug
  • 1 End-Cap
120V LED Light Roll Uses:  
    • Cove Lighting
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Stairs
    • Building Outline
    • Back-lit Signs
    • Furniture Lighting
    • Bars & Liquor Displays
    • Window Trims 

Lumilum LED Strip Light Gallery

120V LED Strip Light, High Voltage, Dimmable LED Strip Lights -no driver required, driver-less, Line Voltage Dimmable Tape - Cool White, Warm White, Red, Blue - Cove Lights, Indirect Light, Interior, Outdoors, Columns, Decorative LED Lighting.

5 out of 5, based on 29 reviews
from Chicago on
Best product on the market. Period. There are so many cheap Chinese imitations of this product out there. This one is the only genuine certified product that will hold up a building department inspection. Our company has used it for many projects and the results are always 100% to satisfaction.
from Tampa, FL on
I can only say this is a consistent, durable, with great lighting specs product that we use again and again for all our commercial projects that require long tape light runs. Never had a problem and the customer support is best of class!
from Hawai on
We got this strip brand by recommendation of our electrical contractor who has been using it for years. Very solid and seems durable for our intended outdoor use. A powerful light which is also dimmable. Incredible results. We used it in our outdoor Tiki Hut and are amazed by the change this light brought!
from Chicago on
We have installed this in our third location now. This driverless strip is a no brainer.
from New York on
Love the product! I used to use WAC lighting for my strip lighting. Not only is Lumilum product better quality, but you can cut it every foot instead of every meter, and the price comparison isn't even close. This strip is also very bright!!! Plus they ship it out right away. I look forward to doing more business with Lumilum in the future. Thank you
from Arizona on
Have purchased this strip light from Lumilum many times now. Always consistent. Super quality. Shipping is fast.
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