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120V RGB LED Strip Lights - DMX Decoder

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DMX Decoder for 120V RGB LED Strips

ETL Listed  -  High Voltage  -  Indoor/Outdoor Models

This DMX Controller for RGB Line Voltage LED Strip Lights allows for seamless control of color effects and offers multiple dynamic color modes


The DMX LED Controller (Decoder) for Lumilum B34XT Series 120V RGB Strip Light, receives DMX Signal for the strip and rectifies 120V Line Voltage from AC to DC. Connects directly to the power line, to strip, and to DMX input signal. This DMX LED Decoder (Controller) can power up to 328 ft of Lumilum 120V RGB Strip Light. Each roll of LED strip lights can have its own DMX address even when 2 rolls are connected to the same DMX unit.


DMX LED Controller Box Contents:

  • 1x DMX LED Controller either IP20 or IP65 model
  • Plug and play connectors needed for use with Lumilum B34XT Series 120V RGB LED Strip Light
  • Digital DMX Decoder Screen
  • Installation and Operating Manual

Buying Guide

The DMX LED Decoder (Controller) can be controlled by one of the following methods:
  1. Using Lumilum Color Wheel DMX Wall Controller + Remote (remote mode)
  2. Using the Lumilum DMX LED Controller as a standalone and setting the Static or Dynamic color pattern on the controller itself (manual/touch mode). 

For manual DMX setup without a remote:

  1. 120V RGB LED Strip Light (LUM-B34XTS-164ft / 50ft / 25ft)
  2. DMX Controller & Decoder (LUM-B34XTS-DMX1 or DMX2) - Note: One DMX light controller handles up to 328ft of strip light
  3. LED DMX Wall Controller Panel with Color Wheel (LUM-RGBUX8)

    Key Features


    • Handles up to 328ft of strip light (2 full rolls of 164ft)

    • Serves as both LED DMX controller decoder & power rectifier
    • Can be used in 2 modes: master RU1 or decoder RU2
    • Multiple zone setup - each roll can have its own DMX address even when 2 rolls are connected to the same DMX unit
    • ETL listed / UL listed  
    • Works with most commercially available DMX Control Panels
    • Digital DMX Screen



    Safety Certifications: ETL Certified

    Input Voltage: 120V AC

    Output Voltage: 120 DC

    Measurements: DMX1 IP20 Dimensions: 8.5in x 5.2inx 2.75in / DMX2 IP65 Dimensions:  9.75in x 5.8in x 4in

    Weight: DMX1 6lbs / DMX2 7.1lbs

    IP Rating: DMX1 is IP20 (indoor only) / DMX2 is IP65 (suitable for outdoor use)

    DMX Signal Input + Thru Connections: 3-pin DMX (XLR) | 5-pin XLR | RJ45

    Full SpecificationsDMX1 - IP20 (Indoor Use) DMX Controller and DMX2 - IP65 (Outdoor/Indoor Use) DMX Controller



      A DMX Decoder can be paired with our 120V RGB LED Strip Lights and used for any application where multiple zones of color control are needed. This unit handles up to 4 zones or 2 scenes and is often used in projects for:

      • stage lighting
      • audio-visual engineering
      • concert lighting
      • cinemas
      • art galleries
      • festival lighting
      • bar and liquor displays
      • entertainment centers
      • commercial exterior lighting
      • arcade displays
      • product displays