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90 Degree Connector (L Shape) - 120V LED Strip Lights

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90 Degree Connector

120V - For Single Color Strip Use - LED Corner Connector

This 90 degree connector allows for seamless corner turns when using any single color model of Lumilum dimmable LED light strips.



    LED corner connector can be used to create a perfect 90 degree corner using Lumilum 120V LED Strip Lights. Use these where you need to create a tight corner or need to join two strip light pieces in a flawless 90° angle.

    It is recommended to seal this LED corner connector with electrical grade silicone, UV curing silicone glue, or heat shrink to create a watertight seal for added protection against the elements and moisture.

    Package Contents

    - 1x 90° LED Corner Connector for White Tone 120V LED Light Strips
    - 2x Connecting Pins


    These LED strip corner connectors can be used as an accessory on any high-voltage lighting project where Lumilum 120V LED strip lights are being used or installed. We commonly see single-color, white-tone projects in locations such as:

    • cove and soffit lighting
    • landscapes and patios
    • architectural lighting
    • hospitals, schools, and warehouses
    • building exterior strip lighting
    • hotels, restaurants, retail lighting & window displays
    • entertainment centers
    • kitchen under cabinets and accent lighting
    • bedroom lighting