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Innovative Ways to Utilize LED Strip Lights for Commercial Settings

Our LED lighting experts share tips on the various ways to utilize LED strip lights for commercial settings.

Read more for tips on how to illuminate everything from commercial signage to industrial warehouse areas.

In the last decade, LED strip lights have rapidly climbed in popularity in nearly every type of setting due to their unmatched flexibility and versatility. With unlimited application potential, these light strips can easily be used by the everyday layperson or by specialized users, like lighting designers, to highlight signage, architectural features, displays, entertainment venues, and even in industrial settings. Below, our Lumilum LED lighting specialists share a few innovative ways to utilize strip lighting in high-voltage commercial applications.


Signage Illumination

LED strip lights are ideal for illuminating signs because of their brightness and energy efficiency. Due to their flexibility, they can be manipulated to fit any shape or be cut to a custom size, making them a popular choice for many commercial settings. When illuminating signage, the goal is for the display to be bright enough to be seen from afar - using material classified as High Lumen LED Strips can ensure that the display is ultra-bright and unmissable.


Architectural Lighting

Strip lighting can help accentuate architectural commercial location features like columns, walls, arches, soffits, and coves - this can create a dramatic effect and draw attention to specific areas of a building. For this type of application, much like with signage, 120V LED strips are typically used because they allow for more efficient power transmission and lower power loss over longer distances.


Accent Lighting

LED light strips can be used to provide accent lighting for displays in retail stores, museums, hotels, and galleries. They can be strategically placed to spotlight specific objects or to create a particular ambiance. This application often requires high-voltage LEDs to ensure that the lights stand out in an already brightly lit environment, as well as provide seamless, uniform illumination.


Entertainment Lighting

For entertainment venues like nightclubs, theaters, and bars, any LED strip lights used must have the ability to be programmed to produce dynamic lighting effects. High-voltage lights like DMX control LED strips, are essential for this application as the lights should be able to change color and intensity in response to music, screen transitions, or other triggers.


Industrial Lighting

LED strip lights can also be useful in industrial settings such as warehouses and factories to highlight hazardous areas, or installed as task lighting under shelves or on machinery to provide bright, focused lighting to workers. 120V LED lights are not only recommended, but usually demanded in these settings due to their durable commercial construction, energy-efficiency, and longevity in comparison to other types of lighting.