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120V LED Strip Lights - LED Strip Power Plug with Rectifier

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120V LED Strip Power Plug

ETL Listed - Power Plug - LED Light Accessories


This LED strip power plug with rectifier is used to power up to 164ft of Lumilum Single Color Strip Light.



    Each roll of Lumilum 120V Strip Light includes an LED power plug with rectifier at the beginning of the strip. If any cutting/splicing is required for your installation, you can purchase the square hub LED strip plug to create new a new segment. 

    We also offer the round hub version if a replacement is needed for the original round plug that comes factory standard with the 164ft roll.

    Package Contents


    - 1x LED Strip Plug with Rectifier for High Voltage Strip Lights (for single color use only)

    - 1x LED Strip Connector 2 Pin



    An LED strip plug can be used for any high-voltage lighting project where Lumilum 120V LED strip lights are being used or installed. We commonly see single color or white tone projects in areas such as:

    • cove and soffit lighting
    • landscapes and patios
    • architectural lighting
    • hospitals, schools, and warehouses
    • building exterior strip lighting
    • hotels, restaurants, retail lighting & window displays
    • entertainment centers
    • kitchen under cabinets and accent lighting
    • bedroom lighting



      120V LED Power Plug F.A.Q

      Instead of bulky transformers, Lumilum provides driverless high-voltage strip lights with a simple and small power plug to power LED strip lights.

      • AC Input: The 120V AC power from the outlet is fed into the rectifier. 
        Rectification Process: Typically using a bridge rectifier circuit made of diodes, the rectifier converts the AC input into a pulsating DC output by allowing current to flow only in one direction. 
      • Smoothing the Output: The rectified pulsating DC is then smoothed using capacitors and other filtering components to produce a more stable and continuous DC voltage.
      • DC Output: The stable DC power is then supplied to the LED strip lights, ensuring they receive the appropriate power for optimal operation.

      • Increased Lifespan: By providing a stable DC power supply, the rectifier helps extend the lifespan of the LED strip lights.
      • Consistent Performance: The LEDs operate more reliably and consistently without flickering or dimming. 
      • Safety: Proper rectification reduces the risk of electrical issues that could potentially damage the LED strip or create a safety hazard. 
      • Yes, a power plug is necessary to operate and illuminate Lumilum LED single-color strip lights, however, if hardwiring is the preferred installation method, we offer a handy Rectifier Junction Box that's perfect for hardwired installations and can handle an impressive 328ft of strip!