black led amplifier with 10 ports, input side on left and output on right side


RGB Signal Amplifier

Low Voltage - For Use With RGB Controller - ETL Listed

This RGB LED Signal Amplifier is part of our Touch Series collection and can be used for long installations of 24V RGB LED Strip Lights in combination with an RGB Controller.

black and white UL ETL listed logo red and white button that reads spec sheet

RGB Amplifier Highlights:

  • 12-24V - for use with Low Voltage Color Changing Lights
  • Suitable to control long runs paired with Lumilum 24V RGB Controller and Remote


Amplifier for RGB LED Strip Box Contents :

  • 1x 12-24V Signal Amplifier for RGB Strip Lights

    Use this RGB Signal Amplifier for long distance installations. This device amplifies the RGB Signal, not the power. You will most likely need additional power sources when installing RGB Strip Lights over a long distance. Click the specification sheet above for installation information.


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