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Splice Connector for 120V LED Strip Lights

For Use With Static Color Strips - LED Strip Splice Connector

This splice connector is for attaching two cut pieces of 120V LED Strip Lights (single color only) to create a single run.




Intermediate splice connectors can be used to connect two loose ends of 120V LED Single Color Strip Lights. Use these in case you cut the strip and require to reconnect or if you need to join two pieces together. 

It is recommended to seal this LED splice connector with electrical silicone for protection against moisture when being used outdoors.

Package Contents


- 1x LED Splice Connector
- 2x Connecting Pin



This LED Splice Connector can be used as an accessory on any lighting project where Lumilum 120V LED strip lights are being used or installed. We commonly see static color and white-tone projects use these splice connectors in indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications, as well as long-distance landscape path lighting and commercial applications such as exterior hotel lighting, hospital lighting, retail lighting, cove and soffit lighting, architectural lighting for galleries, residences, and more.