24V LED Strip Lights | Silicone End Caps (Closing Cap)

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End Cap for 24V LED Tape Lights

Silicone - Low Voltage Accessories - Closing Cap

This LED end cap is for sealing the end of your cut strip light when using a Lumilum 24V LED Strip Light.





This silicone end cap is optional but recommended for the final end of a 24V LED tape light (for use with ends that have been cut).

It is recommended to use electrical silicone or UV curing glue to attach this end cap to your strip light end to seal and make it waterproof.

Suitable for use on all Lumilum 24V LED Tape Light Series: IP20 Pro Series, IP20 Cob Series, IP54 Silicone Coated Series, and IP67 Waterproof Series.

    Package Contents

    - 2x Silicone Rubber End Cap / Closing Cap for LED Tape Lights



    These Silicone Rubber End Caps are used to cap or seal the end of an LED tape light installation. Can be used in conjunction with electrical silicone for extra protection of the elements.

    Some popular applications for low voltage LED strip lights are:

    • cove and soffits
    • window displays, and trims
    • under cabinets & under counters
    • product and retail displays
    • bar lighting and floating shelves
    • accent kitchen lighting