24V LED Strip Lights | Silicone LED Light Mounting Brackets

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LED Light Mounting Brackets

Clear Silicone - 24V Accessories - Clips for Mounting

These clear LED Light Mounting Brackets are used to fasten 24V Flexible Strip Lights to a surface.




Use these LED Light Mounting Brackets to affix your 24V Flexible LED Tape Light to a surface. They can be used on walls, wood, metal, or any surface (with the proper installation tools).

These LED Light Mounting Brackets are made of silicone and sold in a set of 10 pieces. Each bracket requires two #4 screws.

Suitable for use on all Lumilum 24V LED Tape Light Series: IP20 Pro Series, IP20 Cob Series, IP54 Silicone Coated Series, and IP67 Waterproof Series.

    Package Contents


    - 10x Silicone Mounting Clips for 24V LED Tape Lights
    - 20x #4 screws



    These LED Light Mounting Brackets can be used to fasten down LED tape lights for interior or exterior installations.

    Some popular applications for low voltage LED strip lights are:

    • cove and soffits
    • window displays, and trims
    • under cabinets & under counters
    • product and retail displays
    • bar lighting and floating shelves
    • accent kitchen lighting