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120V LED Strip Lights - Step Down Transformer & Flicker Solution

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Flicker Solution For High Voltage LED Strip Lights


Indoor/Outdoor Use - ETL Listed - Line Voltage


This Stroboscopic Flicker Effect Rectifier and Step-Down Transformer can be used with 120V LED Strip Lights for flicker mitigation and where step-down voltage is needed.



Step Down Transformer for LED Strip Lights Highlights:

  • 100-277VAC - for use with High Voltage Strip Lights
  • IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Solution for flickering control and for when the input voltage is not 120V AC and a step-down transformer is needed
  • Handling capability up to 164ft of LED Strip Lights
  • Does not support dimmers/dimming
  • The unit comes with a round hub and plug but is ETL listed to support hardwiring where necessary


      Strobonix Box Contents:

      • 1x Lumilum "Strobonix" Step Down Transformer and Flicker Effect Solution for 120V LED Strip Lights

        The "Strobonix" is a Step-Down Transformer and Stroboscopic Effect (Flicker Effect) Mitigator that works with our Lumilum 120V Single Color LED Strip Light and Single Color LED Neon Strip Light series. This Flicker Effect Solution is ETL listed for hardwiring and certified to pass building inspection, as well as being able to handle up to 164ft of LED strip lights.

        This Strobonix Step-Down Transformer can be used as a driver or rectifier and is rated IP65 for indoor and outdoor usage, making it a great versatile accessory for interior or exterior installations where the stroboscopic effect is not acceptable such as: any location where there is a health concern or intolerance to flashing or flickering lights, work environments where there is use of rotating machinery with fast-moving parts, or common lighting application areas where flickering can cause adverse effects on individuals with photosensitivity.


        Hospitals and Health Care Settings  | Television and Film Studios  | Areas with Rotating Machinery | Sports Facilities | Concert Venues | Airports | Train Stations | Malls and Plazas | Any location where there is concern of flashing or flickering lights