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120V LED Strip Lights | 4 Pin LED Connector | LED Accessories

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LED Pin for 120V RGB LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Connector 4 Pin - RGB LED Accessories

This LED pin has 4 prongs and is to be used in conjunction with Lumilum 120V RGB LED strip lights. This unit can be ordered if additional pins are needed for an application or when the included pin has been lost.

    Applications for LED Light Strips:

    Cove Lighting | Stage Lighting | Product Displays | Restaurants | Back-lit Signs | Kitchen Lighting | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Furniture Illumination | Home Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Hotels | Ceiling Lighting | Soffit Lighting | Outdoor LED Lighting | Event Lighting | Theater Lighting

     LED Strip Connector 4 Pin Contents:

    - 1x LED Pin (4 Prong for RGB LED Strip Lights)

      This LED pin is a component used to connect our Lumilum 120V RGB LED Strip Lights.

      The pin inserts into the LED strip light end that is cut and is joined to the LED strip light connectors being used.

      *It is not necessary to order this unit unless you would like spare parts or have lost the included LED pin for your RGB LED strip lights application.