120V LED Strip Lights - PVC Channel (U-Channel) - LED Accessories

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PVC U Channel for LED Strip Lights 120V

4ft Length - LED Accessories - For Straight Mounting

These LED channels are used to fasten and perfectly align Line Voltage LED Strip Lights for a seamless, professional finish to your project.


    Cove Lighting | Under Cabinet Lighting Stage Lighting | Restaurants | Handrails | Deck Stair Lighting | Kitchen Lighting | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Furniture Illumination | Home Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Hotels | Ceiling Lighting | Soffit Lighting  | Stairway

    LED Strip Channel Contents:

    - 1x LED Light Channel for use with Lumilum 120V LED Strip Lights

    Available Length: 4ft (easily cuttable to the length of your choice)

      This LED Strip Light Channel is available used for mounting Lumilum 120V LED Light Strips (single color only). This PVC track channel for LED strip lights is U-shaped and used for mounting Lumilum 120V Strip Lights. Using these LED channels will result in a perfectly straight mount of the lighting strip, giving you the professional finish your project deserves.

      Using high voltage RGB? Check out the PVC channel for our 120V Color Changing LED Strip 

      Lumilum LED channel tracks are very easily attached to a surface using #4 screws, then the strip inserted into the channel. This LED tape light channel is great for under cabinet lighting, stairways, handrails, bars, liquor displays, or any project where a perfect alignment is required or where the strip cannot be completely concealed.