120V LED Strip Light Red. ETL UL. Driverless
120V LED Strip Light Red. ETL UL. Driverless Line Voltage LED Strip Light Cool White 3000K Line Voltage LED Strip Light Cool White 3000K
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Driverless 120V LED Strip Lights - Sold in Sections 





Available in: Cool White (5,500K), Natural White (4,000K), Warm White (3,000K), Ultra Warm White (2,700K), Antique Warm White (2,200K), Red, Green, Blue, Pink & Amber (Sea-Turtle Friendly)



This easy to install High Voltage Dimmable 120V Flexible LED Red Strip Light produces a vivid, modern-looking red light that will bring life to your most demanding project. This type of high voltage LED strip works with 120V DC and does not require a driver. With features such as: SMD5050 LED chips, protective/water-resistant sleeve and optional mounting brackets for quick and effective mounting, these strips are the best alternative when a long-distance of strip light is required, such as in a large area cove light. Simply place the high voltage LED strip in your chosen location, connect the included plug to a power outlet and enjoy! This 120V Red LED Strip Light is sold in 12-inch increments. Each section comes assembled and ready for immediate use in your most demanding projects.

Ships from the USA.


These 120V Red LED Strip Lights are dimmable with most commercially available wall-mounted dimmers. 

Included with 120V LED Strip Lights:
  • SMD5050 120V LED Strip Light cut to the desired length and completely assembled 
  • Power Plug
  • 1 End-Cap

High Voltage Dimmable 120V LED Strip Lights sold in Sections -no driver required, driver-less, led flexible strip - Cool White, Warm White, Red, Blue - Cove Lights, Indirect Light, Interior, Outdoors, Columns, Decorative LED Lighting.