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120V LED Strip Lights | 164ft Roll

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120V LED Strip Lights

High Voltage - Dimmable - Indoor/Outdoor


This 120V series features our bestselling dimmable LED strip lights which come in a variety of colors, can be used for long-distance installations with no voltage drop, and require no drivers.


This flexible and easy-to-install 120V dimmable LED light strip produces a rich, modern-looking light that will bring life and style to your most demanding projects. Each roll of 120 Volt LED strip light is 164ft long and does not require a driver.

Our Lumilum LED tape light boasts features such as SMD5050 LED chips, a protective/water-resistant build, a multitude of accessories for effective mounting, and many color temperature options. These energy-efficient light strips are the best option for when long distances of dimmable LED light strip are required, such as in a large area cove light. Simply place the LED strip light in your chosen location, connect the included plug to a power outlet, and enjoy!

These energy-saving 120V LED Strip Lights can be cut every 12 inches at scissor-marked locations or purchased in custom-cut, professionally assembled ready-to-use sections.

Package contents include: 164 ft of Lumilum 120V LED Light Strip, 1 Power Plug with LED rectifier, 1 Factory Sealed End Cap

Key Features

    • 164ft LED light roll
    • Fully dimmable
    • IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor use
    • "Plug & play" out of the box - plug directly into outlet with no drivers needed but can also be hardwired (see "J-REX" LED rectifier junction box)
    • Available in Cool White (5500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm Whites (2200K, 2700K, 3000K), Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Amber (Turtle Friendly Lighting)
    • UV Protective Coating - Prevents damage to LED chip and ensures that the cover remains transparent and does not become opaque over time.

    MPN/SKU: LUM-120505-###K
    Safety Certifications: ETL Listed
    LED Strip Voltage: 120V AC
    LED Chip Type: SMD5050
    LED Light Roll Length: 164 feet / 50 meters
    LED Strip Height: 0.32in / 8.12mm
    LED Strip Width: 0.58in / 14.7mm
    Lumen Output: 350-400 Lumens/ft (varies by CCT - see spec sheet)
    LED Diodes: 20 LED diodes/ft
    IP Rating: IP65
    Beam Angle: 120°
    Power Consumption: 3.5 Watts/ft
    Color Rendering Index: >90 (out of 100)
    Cutting Intervals: Cuttable every 12 inches / 1 foot
    Working Temperature: -13°F to 113°F
    Color Options: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5500K, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and Amber (Turtle Friendly Lighting)
    Full Specifications: 120V LED Strip Lights Spec Sheet


    Lumilum flexible LED strip lights can be used for virtually any lighting project you can think up, but we most commonly see installations such as:

    • cove and soffit lighting
    • landscape lighting - paths, garden, tree wraps
    • commercial lighting - hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals
    • architectural lighting - task, ambient, wall wash
    • outdoor exterior strip lighting - building wraps, facades
    • residential lighting - patios and garages
    • event lighting - concerts, stages, arenas
    • retail lighting - displays, windows, shelves




          120V Driverless LED Strip Lights F.A.Q

          A driverless LED strip light is a type of LED light strip that does not require an external driver to operate. Instead, the circuitry that powers the LED light is built into the strip itself. This makes driverless LED strip lights much easier to install and can reduce the overall cost of a lighting system.

          While not all LED strip lights are created equal but high-quality strips are designed to last and can be left on 24/7. The reason why it is possible to leave LED strip lights running consistently, unlike other conventional types of lighting, is that LEDs produce minimal amounts of heat, meaning they are very unlikely to overheat or catch fire.

          These LED chips are designated "SMD 5050" because the dimensions of the chip are 5mm x 5mm. SMDs (surface-mounted diodes) are mounted directly to a light strip without the use of wires and are brighter than other chip types because they are comprised of 3 LED diodes within a single housing.

          LED strip lights are made with versatility in mind and can certainly be cut. Although cutting intervals vary by manufacturer, there will always be indication marks or copper connection points on the strip that designate where it is safe to cut. For Lumilum LED light strips, our 120V models can be easily cut every 12 inches / 1 foot at the marked points.