120V LED Strip Lights | Clear Plastic Mounting Brackets

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Mounting Brackets for 120V LED Strip Lights

For Use With 120V Single Color Strip Series - Screws Included - Heavy Duty Plastic

This plastic mounting clip aids in fastening Line Voltage Strip Lights to a surface.

    Use these mounting brackets to affix your 120V LED Strip Light to a surface. These mounting brackets for 120V LED Strip Lights are sold in sets of 10 units and each bracket requires two #4 screws.


      Cove Lighting | Restaurants | Kitchen Lighting | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Furniture Illumination | Home Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Hotels | Ceiling Lighting | Soffit Lighting | Outdoor LED Lighting

        LED Mounting Clip Bag Contents:

        - 10x LED Strip Light Mounting Clips
        - 20x screws for mounting