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Clear Heat Shrink Tubing for Waterproofing (Sold by the Foot)

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Clear Heat Shrink Tubing (Polyolefin)

For Sealing LED Strip Lights - Polyolefin Heat Shrink Sleeve-  Indoor/Outdoor Protection

This clear heat shrink tubing is recommended to seal and weatherproof your LED Strip Lights when installing outdoors or in areas with moisture.




Lumilum clear heat shrink tubing is made of polyolefin, which makes the heat shrink sleeve flexible and flame retardant.

How it works: the inner layer melts when heated making the sleeve transparent and shrinkable to tightly seal the connection, creating secure protection for any commercial LED strip lights being placed outdoors, in areas with moisture, or if a professional look is needed (sealing your high quality LED light strips that have been cut or connected and installed outside is important to ensure they last).

Initially, the shrink tubing may appear not transparent or a little cloudy, but the heat turns the heat shrink sleeve completely clear. This allows for easy viewing and inspection of the connection.

This tubing has a 3:1 shrink ratio, meaning that the clear polyolefin heat shrink tubing will shrink to one-third (1/3) of its original size in diameter when heat is applied.

*When ordering a custom cut length LED light strip, this clear heat shrink tubing is the seal that is applied to the professionally assembled LED strip segment.

How To Use

How To Use Clear Heat Shrink Tubing:

  •  Heat shrink sleeve turns clear when heat is applied using a heat gun.
  • Shrinkage temperature is 230°F (110°C)
  • For best results, do not apply heat over 250°F (121°C)
  • 3:1 shrink ratio


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