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120V LED Strip Lights - Compact Hardwired LED Junction Box

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120V Compact LED Junction Box

IP20 Rated - ETL Listed - High Voltage


This compact LED Junction Box can be used for short runs of 60ft or less of 120V LED strip lights or where hardwired LED strip lights are required in combination with dimming.


The Lumilum Compact "J-Rex" is a mini, high voltage (120V) Hardwired Rectifier LED Junction Box that works in combination with our Lumilum Single Color 120V LED Strip Lights and Single Color LED Neon Strip Light series.

This unit is intended for use for short runs 60ft or less of hardwired LED strip lights. The unit is ETL listed for hardwiring and certified to pass building inspection. For longer distance installations up to 656ft, see our original 120V LED Junction Box.

This LED junction box is rated IP20 for indoor use, making it a great versatile accessory for interior installations such as kitchens and cove lighting areas where hardwired LED strip lights are used.

Compact J-REX Box Contents:

  • 1x Compact Hardwired LED Rectifier Junction Box for 120V LED Strip Lights

Key Features
  • 120V AC - for use with 120V LED Strip
  • IP20 rated for indoor use only
  • Dimming and flickering control solution
  • LED rectifier capacity: 4 Amp
  • Limited runs - install up to 60ft of Lumilum 120V LED Strip Light (single color only)

Safety Certifications: ETL Listed
Amperage: 4 Amps
Junction Box Voltage: 120V AC
Junction Box Height (L/W/H): 3.7in / 0.78in / 0.76in
IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor Only)
Distance Capacity: Up to 60ft


Lumilum "J-Rex" Compact LED Junction Box can be used for any indoor or outdoor lighting project where a long distance of hardwired LED strip lights is installed. Some notable installation areas include:
  • cove and soffit lighting
  • landscape lighting
  • commercial lighting exteriors
  • architectural lighting
  • hospitals and educational institutions
  • outdoor led lighting projects