Mini-XLR to Mini-XLR Extension Cable


Mini-XLR (female) to Mini-XLR (male) Extension Cable

120V - ETL Listed - B34XT Series

This Mini XLR (female) to Mini XLR (male) Extension Cable for 120V LED RGB Lights can be used to extend connections between a Lumilum DMX Controller Decoder or between the RF to DMX module and DMX Controller.

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DMX Converter Cable Highlights:

  • High Voltage - For use with Lumilum 120V RGB LED Strip Lights
  • 4-foot cable length

RGB Cable Converter Contents:

  • 1x Mini-XLR (female) to Mini-XLR (male) Extension Cable for 120V RGB Strip Lights

    Use XLR extension cable when you need to space DMX Decoders. This extension connects to the mini-XLR connectors on LUM-B34XTS-DMX. This XLR cable is 4ft.


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