120V LED Strip Lights - LED Strip Connectors - Hub to Loose Wire

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LED Strip Light Connector - Hub to Loose Wire

Connect to Junction Box - 120V - Lighting Extension Cable

Use these LED strip connectors when needing an extension between your LED strip light and power source or to make a hardwired connection from the strip light to an LED rectifier junction box.

    Applications For Usage:

    Cove Lighting | Hardwired Projects | Lighting Extensions | Kitchen Lighting | Window Trims | Home Accent Lighting | Soffit Lighting | Area Lighting | Commercial Lighting

    LED Strip Connectors Packaging Contents:

    - 1x LED light strip connector 2 pin hub to loose wire (for single color/white LED strip lights use only)

    - 1x Connecting Pin

    These LED strip connectors can be used multiple ways as an LED accessory for a 120V LED strip lights setup. Our LED light strip connectors come in various sizes - 5ft, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft for ultimate versatility in extended length projects.

    • LUM-120505SH-5ft
    • LUM-120505SH-25ft
    • LUM-120505SH-50ft
    • LUM-120505SH-100ft