120V LED Strip Lights - LED Strip Connectors - Hub to Loose Wire

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LED Strip Connector - Hub to Loose Wire

Connects to Junction Box - 120V - Lighting Extension Cable

Use these LED strip connectors when needing an extension between your single color strip light and power source or to make a hardwired connection from the strip light to an LED rectifier junction box.



These LED strip connectors can be used as lighting extension cables for a 120V LED strip lights setup.

Lumilum LED strip connectors come in various sizes - 5ft, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft for ultimate versatility in extended-length projects. The shortest length is 5ft but the cable is easily trimmable to any shorter length that may be needed.


  • LUM-120505SH-5ft
  • LUM-120505SH-25ft
  • LUM-120505SH-50ft
  • LUM-120505SH-100ft

    Box Contents

    - 1x LED Strip Connector of your choice of length



    These LED strip connectors can be used for any single color, high-voltage lighting project where Lumilum 120V LED strip lights are being used.
    Create an extension from your strip light to power source on installations such as:

    • cove and soffits
    • landscapes and patios
    • long distance building exteriors
    • window displays, and trims
    • entertainment centers