Commercial LED Lighting Projects


Lumilum's Commercial Division addresses the office, retail and industrial sectors with a project type focus. Lumilum has completed light efficiency assignments in Southeast Florida and in parts of Latin America. Our strategy for these types of projects consists in a whole building assessment of current lighting in place and a review of possible cost-effective-solutions in energy efficiency.

Our projects are value-engineered and usually provide for a 1-3 year payback of the initial investment; in addition, an improved light quality, a safer and more productive work environment, and improved aesthetics. 

Lighting fixtures can consume the largest amount of electric energy in a commercial office building, 3X the energy consumption of air conditioning. According to research from the Energy Information Administration, lighting consumes the largest amount of electricity in commercial buildings as measured by Kilowatt-hours (KWH) per square foot.

lighting consumption kilowatts p/hr graph


Our Typical Scope of Work for Commercial Projects
1. Initial assessment of current power consumption from existing light fixtures (location of fixtures, usage time per day, quantity of fixtures) ; a Thermographic Inspection and report to review power loss due to excess heat generation.

2. Analysis of quality of light under current circumstances and the requirements to increase or decrease light intensity in certain areas.  

3. Proposal of new LED light sources and budget delivered as:
    • Return on investment (ROI) number and concrete payback time; alternatives for financing, cash incentives and tax savings    
      • Detailed description of recommended light fixtures based on the requirements determined in step 2.
        • Light plan for current plan showing recommended fixtures and data (footcandle readings - lumens per area) 
          • 4. Sourcing of light fixtures from one of our partner manufacturers in USA, Germany, China, and Korea.
          •  5. Coordination of bidding process for installation by licensed electrician. 


           We aim to strike a balance between return on investment, energy savings, light quality, light intensity, and your budget.

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