T8 LED Tube Light 8 ft 31W
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T8 8ft LED Tubes with Single Pin FA8 Socket

LED T8 8 Ft. Tube Light, 31W, UL Rated, Power on Both Ends, Internal Driver, Single pin FA8 socket, 3-year Warranty. Easy Install for Fluorescent Tube Replacement

LED T8 Tube Light 18W UL Rated..

 Note: These single pin 8FT LED tubes do not qualify for free shipping. Please call to make arrangements before ordering.


Lumilum LED T8  8Ft. 31W Tubes use the latest technology for fluorescent tube replacement, achieving unmatched energy savings of over 50% without compromising brightness and color rendering. These 8ft. LED tubes have a unique design to maximize the aluminum heat sink and have a shatterproof clear polycarbonate lens. Socket: Single pin FA8.


Installation is easy, these bulbs use the same terminal connections as the existing fluorescent tubes and have a universal power supply driver that eliminates the need for a ballast. To replace your old fluorescent tubes with new energy saving LED tubes you simply bypass the ballast and remove the starter.