RGB Strip Light Controller
RGB Strip Light Controller RGB Strip Light Controller. 432 Watt capacity


RGB Color Changing Controller with Remote

Remote Controller - Touch Series - Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights - For Lumilum RGB Strip Lights, Power Adapters - Controls Color & Brightness.


This luxurious Lumilum Touch Series RGB Remote Controller has the capability of controlling color and brightness of RGB strip lights. Included is a handheld remote control, ergonomically designed to perfection and visually pleasing, that uses a touch wheel to generate infinite color combinations and brightness control, as well as color changing patterns and speed mode. The RGB LED lighting remote controller has 18 pre-programmed color combination modes that can be static (single color) or dynamic (color changes).


This high-end RGB LED Strip Light Controller can be easily connected to Lumilum Strip Lights as well as to our Power Adapter. Also, in cases where you need to cover long distances you can use this controller in combination with our Touch Series RGB signal amplifier to have an even color pattern along the entire distance of the installation.



4.8 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
from Denver on
Perfect for long RGB runs. Remote is simple and does the job.
from Boston on
Nice controller that can be used with several strip rolls. High wattage capacity
from NM on
Nice controller for RGB strips. Range is good and color changing options more than we required.
from San Diego on
This remote make large distance RGB installations very easy. Buy the signal amplifier and follow the diagram. Great results!
from Aurora, CO on
Great product! I bought this controller to install RGB strip light in 3 different locations that could not be interconnected. One remote signals to all three controllers (base) which is exactly what the customer wanted. RF is the key feature here.
from Naples, FL on
Great remote for RGB lights. Installation has a bit of a challenge because the pin connection that the RGB strip light brings cannot be used, instead, you have to cut and connect the 4 color cables to the screws on the controller. Colors match the letter on the controller. Once installed the remote and controller work great, many colors and predefined color changing patterns.
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