COMPACT RGB Controller with RF Remote
COMPACT RGB Controller with RF Remote Compact Radio Frequency Controlled RGB Controller COMPACT RGB Controller with RF Remote COMPACT RGB Controller with RF Remote


Lumilum COMPACT RGB LED Controllers with Radio Frequency Remotes give you the capability of defining the exact color you require for your lighting project. Both static and dynamic (color changing) modes are possible with this RGB Controller, which also has the option of modifying colors by setting the exact Red, Blue or Green level for each color. Once the desired color is obtained there are 6 memory buttons to save your favorite color formula. Very simple to use!

This LED controller with RF remote control has the capability to control up to 2 rolls (32.8ft) of Lumilum RGB Strip Lights (total of 216W at 24V) and can be used with any of the following Lumilum Power Adapters:

Radio Frequency Remote RGB Controller - Precise Color Control for RGB LED Strip Lights - For Lumilum RGB Strip Lights - Hardwired - Controls Color & Brightness.

5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Philadelphia on
Best remote of this type on the market. Many features and static and dynamic options. Remote sits well in hand.
from NYC on
Great RGB Controller and remote. Much better than the traditional small controllers that have been used for years. Looks like it will last.
from Chicago, IL on
Very nice and solid RGB controller. A quality that one can see will last. Fixed and dynamic color patterns are also nice. Shipped same day.
from Boston on
Finaly a high end RGB controller that can be hand held. Many functions and certainly beats the traditional controllers you can get on Ebay.
from Miami Beach on
This is a great Controller. Small in size but large in functionality. I have had one installed for over a year and just purchased a second one for another area in my house. What I like most is that I can set the exact, and I mean EXACT color with the settings this remote has. I can save this color in one of 6 memory buttons on the remote. Color matching of light with my decor is perfect. I can only recommend this product for your most demanding products!