Plug-In Power Adapter 24V 60W
Plug-In Power Adapter 24V 60W LED Driver 36W 24V Plug-In Power Adapter 24V 60W

60W-24V LED Plug-In Power Adapter


This Plug-In 60W 24V Power Adapter is specifically designed for use with the Ultra-Thin Light Bar Series, but can also be used for (1) roll of IP20 Pro Series 24V Tape Light. This adapter, as well as all our other power supplies, is UL rated and is suited for indoors only, with a life expectancy of 30,000-50,000 hours. All Lumilum 24V power adapters are "plug and play" with no need for wire connecting.


24V Power Adapter - Ultra-Thin Light Bars Series - IP20 Pro Series 24V  - LED Power Supply & Under Cabinet Lighting Accessories - Plug-In - 24V - 60W