100W Magnetic LED Transformer Dimmable


Our dimmable magnetic transformers are compatible with LUMILUM 24V LED Strip Lights.

Compatible Dimmers. Download here.

This 100W LED Dimmable transformer provides enough power for one roll (16.4 ft.) of 24V LED Strip Light.

This 24V transformer for LED lights can be operated with a low voltage wall mounted dimmer that is available at any hardware store (see dimmer compatibility list below in the product detail tab).

24V Transformer for LED Lights Benefits:

Compatibility – There are no minimum load requirements when used with a dimmer. The transformers cause no flicker or any of the other side effects that can result from a lack of synchronization between voltage mode drivers and PWM low voltage drivers in the light fitting.

Perfect Dimming – Fully compatible with low voltage dimmers, in contrast to voltage mode drivers that balance the voltage in the system and prevent the dimmer from working.

Lower Power Consumption – 15% more efficient, due to the avoidance of unnecessary double conversion in the circuitry.

No RFI Issues – Operates at a perfect 60Hz sinus wave, therefore they produce no radio frequency interference whatsoever.

Dimmable LED Light Magnetic Transformer 100w - 24v  Compatible with LED Strip Lights

4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Walter Rodriguez from San Diego on Sep 02, 2013
Easy solution to dimmer led strip lights.
Jeff from Long Island, Maine on Aug 20, 2013
Great product, did the trick!
James L from Oregon on Aug 03, 2013
Finally a transformer that can dim LED strip lights. This one does the job! Only issue I have is that it is HEAVY and BIG, but works seamlessly with no humming sound and no flickering of the lights. Overall very good.