Lumilum RGB In Wall Mounted Controller 3 Zone
Lumilum RGB In Wall Mounted Controller 3 Zone RGB In Wall Mounted Controller

This In-Wall Mounted RGB Controller Panel can control 3 zones of RGB Lights.  This wall RGB light controller can be connected to wireless receivers (LUM-RF1009) or alternatively be hardwired to DMX Receivers (LUM-DMX212). The controller can be mounted using a standard wall switch or outlet box. Receivers are assigned to one of 3 zones and can be controlled from this In-Wall Mounted Controller be pressing 1, 2 or 3 depending on the zone that needs to be controlled. For example, you may have a cove light in a room assigned as zone 1, a second cove light in the same room assigned to zone 2 and TV back-lighting as zone 3. All 3 zones can be independently controlled from this In-Wall RGB Controller.

Controller includes transformer (LUM-PA9120) which can be concealed in the wall switch box.


Diagrams and Required Components: