silicone mounting clip with holes on either side and two screws laid on surface white background


Mounting Brackets for 24V LED Tape Lights

Silicone - Low Voltage Accessories - Clips for Mounting

These clear mounting clips are used to fasten 24V Flexible Strip Lights to a surface.


    Cove Lighting | Stage Lighting | Restaurants | Back-lit Signs | Kitchen Lighting | Bars & Liquor Displays | Window Trims | Furniture Illumination | Home Accent Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Hotels | Ceiling Lighting | Soffit Lighting | Bedroom LED Lighting


    Fastening Clip Pouch Contents:

    - 10x Silicone Mounting Clips LED Tape Lights
    - 20x #4 screws

      Use these mounting bracket clips to affix your 24V Flexible LED Tape Light to a surface. They can be used on walls, wood, metal, or any surface (with the proper installation tools).

      These LED strip mounting brackets are made of silicone and sold in a set of 10 pieces. Each bracket requires two #4 screws.