Handheld Remote for 120V RGB B34XT Series
Handheld Remote for 120V RGB B34XT Series Handheld Remote for 120V LED Strip B34XT Series RGB Lumilum

Handheld Remote for Radio Frequency to DMX Module 

120V - RGB Color Changing - B34XT Series

 Lumilum Handheld Remote (B34XT Series) for RF to DMX Module

Ships from the USA.

Handheld Remote Control that works together with RF to DMX Module  (LUM-B34XTS-RF2) and Lumilum DMX Controller/Decoder (LUM-B34XT-DMX) to control color changing -static & dynamic-, brightness, and on/off power of 120V RGB LED Strip Light.

RF & DMX remote control has the capability to control 4 different Zones with unlimited RGB 120V Strip Light. 3 preferred scenes of static or dynamic color changing patterns can be assigned to one of 3 Scene Buttons.

This Handheld Remote can control unlimited DMX Controllers/Decoders when connected. 

Products required in combination with this RF & DMX remote control:

  1. DMX Controller/Decoder (LUM-B34XTS-DMX)
  2. Radio Frequency to DMX Module (LUM-B34XTS-RF2)
  3. 120V RGB LED Strip Light. (LUM-B34XTS-165/50/25)
    • Handheld Remote 
    • Wall Mounting Bracket
     Required (not included):
    • 3 AAA Batteries




      Products Required for 120V RGB Strip Light Using Lumilum Handheld Remote System:


      1. 120V RGB LED Strip Light (LUM-B34XTS-165 / 050 / 025) 
      2. DMX Controller/Decoder (LUM-B34XTS-DMX) - Note: One for each 164ft of strip.
      3. RF to DMX Module (LUM-B34XTS-RF2)
      4. Handheld Remote (LUM-B34XTS-HRT)
      5. In case of multiple DMX Controllers and or RF to DMX Modules located >2 ft apart you may also need: