Mini-XLR to Mini-XLR Extension Cable


Mini-XLR (female) to Mini-XLR (male) Extension Cable

120V - ETL Listed - B34XT Series

This Mini XLR (female) to Mini XLR (male) Extension Cable for 120V LED RGB Lights can be used to extend connections between a Lumilum DMX Controller Decoder or between the RF to DMX module and DMX Controller.

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DMX Converter Cable Highlights:

  • High Voltage - For use with Lumilum 120V RGB LED Strip Lights
  • 4 foot length

RGB Cable Converter Contents :

  • 1x Mini-XLR (female) to Mini-XLR (male) Extension Cable for 120V RGB Strip Lights

    Use XLR extension cable when you need to space DMX Decoders or RF to DMX Modules. This extension connects to the mini-XLR connectors on LUM-B34XTS-DMX and LUM-B34XTS-RF2. This XLR cable is 4ft.


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