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What color temperatures are available for this product? 

Lumilum offers two versions for this product: Cool White (5,000 K) and Warm White (2,700 K).

How do I attach my Lumilum Counter/Cabinet Flat LED Light? 

Each unit brings two brackets which are screwed onto the surface where the fixture will be attached to; alternatively, you may also use double sided commercial grade 3M tape to attach the fixtures to a flat surface. The fixtures are modular and can be combined to cover the required distance.

What type of power source do I need? 

For these fixtures, we have a specific 36W-24V power adapter that is sold separately. You may combine up to 12 units and power them with one adapter. If the distance you need to cover is larger than this, you will need additional adapters for each set of 12 light fixtures.

How do I connect one fixture with another? 

Lumilum offers several alternatives to connect these modular fixtures, several may be included as part of the product you are purchasing: 

  • Linear Connector: Use for side by side linear connection 
  • Corner Connector: For 90° degree connection 
  • Cable Connector: When a space needs to be left in between each fixture. This cable may also be cut and connected to a 18 gauge cable to cover a longer distance. For very long distances over 16", beware of voltage drop. You may need an additional power adapter to avoid loss of light brightness.

Are my lights dimmable?

Yes, we sell a dimmer which you will find in the accessories section. Be aware that the only dimmers that work with this product are low voltage dimmers placed between the power adapter and the light fixture. Traditional dimmers placed before the power adapter will damage the product and void the warranty. 


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