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Are your single color strip lights waterproof? 

All Lumilum single color strip lights have a protective coat (silicone/PU) that shields the LED chips and other electronic components in the strip from water and humidity. They are rated IP54, meaning they are water resistant and can be used outdoors, even if the strip is exposed directly to rain or snow. Under water use is discouraged for this strip; for this you would need an IP68 rated strip, which is also available from Lumilum. 


What type of power source will I need for Lumilum single color strip lights? 

Lumilum sells two types of power sources for your strip: Our adapters(indoor use) have a 96W-24V capacity which is sufficient for our standard 16.4" roll. You can also use these for a shorter piece of strip in case you decide to cut the strip (cut as described on package). These adapters have a 50,000 hour lifespan. We also have several models of Mean Wells Drivers from 100W to 600W in 24V.


Can I connect multiple single color strip lights together? 

Absolutely, up to 2 rolls (32.8ft) can be connect in series (daisy-chain) if you require longer runs you will ned to connect in parallel. In other words you can connect in parallel sets of two rolls that have been connected in series. Our largest driver has a 600W output which can power up to 8 rolls of 16.4 ft of Lumilum Strip Light.


How can I combine to ends of my strip lights to cover a larger distance? 

We have connecters in the accessories section that can be easily used to combine several strips. Make sure you take the protective coating off using an exacto knife at the point where the contacts are (for single color you will have two points of contact, for RGB you will have four). The contacts are the pairs of copper-colored circles on either side of the scissor icon that you'll find every 2 inches on the strip, see packaging for detailed diagram. 

Alternatively you can also solder to end using a 18 gauge wire. You just need a soldering iron and some solder. Place one strand of the wire on one of the contacts and use the iron to melt a drop or two of the solder to bond the wire to the contact point. Then repeat for the other wire and contact. 


Is my Lumilum Strip Light dimmable? 

Our strip lights are dimmable but you need to use the correct components for this. The dimmer has to be rated low voltage and be located in between the power source and the strip. This can be found in our component section. Traditional dimmers that are placed before the adapter or driver will damage these and void the warranty. 


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